DVD List

Film Director, Peter d'Entremont

Baron Phillipe d'Entremont, 1652. This movie is about Phillipe's pioneering West Pubnico, Arcadia,  Nova Scotia.

French Film - "Margot"

This film is about Catherine deMedici's daughter Margot's wedding,on the day of St. Bartholemeau's massacre.

History Channel Documentary

This film is about early western pioneers to America.  Admiral Gaspard de Coligny persuades Catherine deMedici, Queen of France, to send two ships to America- one ship to Paris Island, South Carolina, the other to Daytona, Florida.


Book List

 A History of the Huguenots, W. Carlos Martyn (details)
The Ancient Celts, Barry Cunliffe (details)
The Conquest of Gaul, Julius Caesar (details)  



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