Early History of Relatives


Countess Beatrix d'Entremont                                                  (Biography, Chronological, Geneology, Map, Picture)



Jacqueline de Montbel d'Entremont 
Biography, Chronological, Geneology, Map, Picture)



Admiral Gaspard de Coligny (Feb. 16, 1519 - Aug. 24, 1572) (Biography(2), Coins, Geneology(2), Videos)



Louise de Coligny (Sept. 23, 1555 - Nov. 13, 1620)                (Biography, Timeline)



William the Silent  (April 24, 1533 - July 10, 1584)                  (Biography(2), Books, Timeline, Videos)     



Fredrick Henry, Prince of Orange (1584-1647)                          (Biography)



William II, Prince of Orange (May 27, 1626 - Nov. 2, 1650)       (Biography, Timeline)



William III, King of England (Nov. 14, 1650 - March 8, 1702) (Biography, Monuments, Timeline)



The d'Entremont name dates back to 300 B.C. to a place called
Oppidium of Entremont which was destroyed by Sextius Calvinus
in 123 B.C. then Julius Ceaser took over Gaul  in 49 B.C.


Gaspard II de Coligny, Comte de Coligny et Chatillon sur Loing, (1516-1572)
Born : February 16, 1516
Died : Murdered in Paris on August 24, 1572  (Buried at Chateau de Chantilly)
Married(1) : to Charlotte de Laval-Montfort, daughter of Guy XV, Comte de Laval, de Montfort et de St.Quintin and Antoinette de Daillon-Lude.
Married(2) : to Jacqueline de Montbel, Comtesse d'Entremonts

Fighting in the wars of King Francois I and King Henri II, he was made Admiral of France in 1552. In 1557 he became a Protestant and commanded the Huguenots during the second and third Wars of Religion. In the infamous St. Bartholomew's massacre he was one of the first victims of Queen Catherine de' Medici, being murdered together with many Huguenots, which did irreparable damage to the Protestant cause in France.

                                Source: Leo van de Pas dentremontfamily joeandpeggy

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