Geneological Tables


Montmorency and Coligny
House of Stewart
Orange-Nassau ; Stadholders of Holland
Nassau-Dillenburg ; Kings of Holland
Florence and Tuscany : House of Medici
Naples : Lines of Aragon and Anjou



abd. for abdicated
Abp. " Archbishop
Adm. " Administrator
Archd. " Archduke
Archdss. " Archduchess
b. " born
Bp. " Bishop
C. Ctss. " Count, Countess
Capt. " Captain
Card. " Cardinal
Col. " Colonel
Cons. " Consort
cr. " created
D. Dss. " Duke, Duchess
dau. " daughter
dep. " deposed
div. " divorced
Dow. " Dowager
E. Ctss. " Earl, Countess
El. " Elector
Emp. " Emperor
Empss. " Empress
ex. " executed
G. D. " Grand Duke
Gen. " General
Gov. " Governor
K. " King
Lgr. " Landgrave
Lieut. " Lieutenant
Lt.-Gen. " Lieutenant-Général
Lt.-Gov. " Lieutenant-Go vernor
M. " Marquis or Margrave
morg. " morganatic
Mss. " Marchioness
murd. " murdered
P. Pss. " Prince, Princess
Pal. " Palatine
Près. " President
Q. " Queen
ren. " renounced claim
rest. " restored
s. " for son
Sec. " for Secretary
s†.p. " sine prole (i.e. legitima), only inserted when some importance attaches to the fact
Visct. " Viscount
wid. wdr.r " widow, widower
(1)(2)(3) if placed next to the name of a person, signifies the ordinal among his or her marriages of that noted in the table (e.g. Henry VIII(6) = (3)Cath.Parr).

If placed above a name, (1) (2) indicates child of first or second marriage,

1,9 (ital.) above name indicates order of birth (used where this is altered in the order of printing, for the sake of convenience)

= for married
" died
- "4 generations (and so with other numbers)
- " lapse of several generations, not specified
descendants not here shown
???? " illegitimate
( ) enclosing title, signifies, in the Tables, that this was acquired after marriage ; enclosing a lower title, it means that this is the title generally used ; in the Lists, that the date of its acquisition was after that of appointment to the office in question

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